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Monday, February 3, 2014

Drink it to shrink it - THM style!

Happy Monday!  It's a snowy day here in Connecticut.

I hope you had a nice Super Bowl Sunday and Groundhogs Day! Not a great day in history for the Denver Broncos or Punxatawney Phil, huh?

Anyways, I had a great day and some yummy snacks for Super Bowl that were THM friendly - of course! 

One thing I did want to share today are some really great beverages you can enjoy - even if you're not following this lifestyle.  One drink in particular I've really enjoyed is called The Shrinker - and I believe it's helping me shrink for sure! There are also two other drinks called Good Girl Moonshine and The Singing Canary.

The Shrinker is a yummy oolong tea based drink. All three of these drinks have amazing health benefits and also helps burn fat while squashing any cravings you have and hydrates you, too.

For the full scoop and recipes for The Shrinker, The Singing Canary and Good Girl Moonshine,  read here for a post from The THM Facebook page. 

Image from Trim Healthy Mama Facebook page

So far I have not yet tried The Singing Canary - but I do really like the Good Girl Moonshine or GGMS as it is called.  The Shrinker is definitely my favorite though!

The recipe for The Shrinker is as follows:

1.  Steep 4 bags of oolong tea until cooled
2.  Place tea in blender.
3.  Add stevia to taste, vanilla, 1/2 Cup almond milk, 1 TSP cinnamon and some sea or Celtic salt. 
4.  Blend it up, distribute in half into two quart sized jars.
5.  Pour into glass and serve over ice.

The original recipe calls for a dash of cayenne pepper or black pepper for a bigger metabolism and fat burning boost but I don't care for it so I go without.

You can drink this all day - but do take note the caffeine.  I usually drink this before 3 P.M. most days and it really kills any cravings I have and fills me up.  It tastes a little like chai or a latte and has approximately 30 calories but seems like it's much more creamy and more like a treat!

So, drink it to shrink it! Cheers!


  1. I would LOVE to make this. So...I would steep 4 Oolong Tra bags into how much water?
    Maybe I missed it. :-/

    1. I fill a large coffee mug with the boiling water to steep the bags. Then let it cool and mix in larger container and add other ingredients - this makes the mix to add the ice to.

  2. I think the original recepie has grounded cayenne pepper also .....

  3. I added a little cardamom, a little ginger and some almond extract too! :)

    1. Hi Cheryl - yum! Isn't it great to experiment and make the drinks to our liking?! :)