It's Not Called Toddler Weight...

If your baby's first birthday has come and gone, but the weight hasn't - you've come to the right place.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Summer Hiatus and Whole30

Yes. I took another hiatus from blog-world. But, I'm back after a long summer. It was great - but long!

As I type I'm in Starbucks (kid free) drinking my black coffee (yup - get to that in a minute) re-reading It Starts With Food (wait, no Trim Healthy Mama??) and had a lightbulb moment. An A-Ha! 

Okay, maybe I need to rewind. Last year and even before spring of this year I was down on the scale - closer to my goal weight. In the late spring and over this summer my weight crept up again. Like, not just a normal fluctuation. Like ten - yes - 10 pounds. Needless to say last week, I was like "Ok Carly. Kids will be back in school. Summer is over. Health game will be back ON." So what happened exactly? Well, alcoholic beverages, eating less than every 3 hours and snacking on things I don't normally eat, laziness - well, you get the picture. I had been exercising consistently but then kind of fell off the wagon with it again. 

But you have to do that - check in with your self to keep it real, right? I was straying from my Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle a bit and while I wasn't necessarily eating terrible foods - I was indeed not clearly staying on track from the path I wanted to be on. 

Ok, well since I'm being honest I did have a few burgers..with buns. And french fries. On more than one occasion 😁 

So, again before summer I was eating the well and exercising. Because of that I truly felt the affects of it and was waking on my own, had lots of energy all day and slept well. However, as the summer went on and I enjoyed some foods and extra drinks, getting up in the mornings became harder and I felt tired and groggy and I was a little crabby, too.

About a week and half ago, a woman who I admire and respect that I found on Instagram and am in a few Facebook groups with started talking about Whole30. I had read the book awhile back with some others - Wheat Belly, etc. It really does align well with the THM Fuel Cycle which I love! The only part of Whole30 that would be tough is the stevia use I have been enjoying the last 3 years or so. For the last week or so I am now using no stevia or cream in my coffee - which for me is cray-zay!

So now that I've filled you in - Back to sitting here at Starbucks...

After reading a few pages into this book again - I am having these "duh"
and "A-HA!" moments. My summer shenanigans were proof that it was COMPLETELY the food I began to eat again and for the past week and few days is just re-affirming how good I'm feeling. I just realized after sleeping in, the past two days I am able to wake again on my own after cutting out the bad stuff again. 

So, I'm extremely happy to be back on track, exercising again (ran yesterday!) and being in tune with my body. Eating whole foods and enjoying it again. 

I took my measurements and weight at the start and am taking pictures - EEEEEEEEEEK!! 

I know you're not supposed to but I did peek at the scale and it's moving in the right direction. Looking forward to the next few weeks!