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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pinterest Picks

I love Pinterest for many things - finding home decor ideas, recipes, DIY projects, crafts and so much more.  Really. It's quite addicting and a huge time-suck if I'm not careful :)  Luckily, I have two attention-hungry kids to snap me back to reality any moment I take a mere five minutes for myself.

Know the feeling?

Anyways, back to the point.

I love Pinterest lately for the motivation I'm finding through others. People are pinning images of health, recipes and inspiring workouts that is a daily reminder to me of why I've chosen to make this lifestyle change.

To finally say "buh-bye" to this toddler weight is going to take time, but it's a long-term change for the better.  Motivation and keeping the goal in mind is key, so if you're here with me I plan on sharing some of the best "pins" I find with you.

Here is my Pinterest Pick for today:

All I have to say is, yes. I was mad. 

Until I saw this.

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