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Friday, January 27, 2012

Seeing Green?

No, I'm not talking about being eco-friendly. (That is important, too!)

I'm talking about green drinks - specifically green smoothies and green tea.

For years, green tea has been associated with weight loss and boosting metabolism in addition to it's other health benefits.  Here is an article from Harvard Medical School from 2004 related to women's health and the benefit of green tea.

Additionally, green smoothies are all the rage, too.  And rightfully so - you can drink your way to great health in just one glass a day!  I personally try to stay away from eating the higher-sugared fruits often, like bananas and mangoes, but love mixing them into my green smoothies.  Even my 2 year old son devours these and gets quite excited when seeing me compiling the ingredients!

Here is my personal favorite:

1 medium banana
"Splash" of either orange or apple juice (organic) 1-2 ounces
5-6 ice cubes
Frozen mango chunks (you can feel free to add any fruit in that you prefer)
2-4 de-veined Kale leaves (spinach is also an excellent substitute and offers a more mild taste)
Water (as needed to thin)

Put all items in blender and whip it up into a frothy, green drink.

It will look something like this when mixed:

Image courtesy of Google image search.

Bottoms up!

The Internet is filled with great smoothie recipes - green and others.  The options are endless really.  I've even found some great ones on Pinterest :)

I had read that once you start drinking these on a regular basis, you will experience better digestive health, clearer skin, more energy and you may actually begin to crave these drinks - like, seriously want to have one now! type of craving.

I can attest that this is indeed TRUE.  I look forward to drinking them!

Do you make smoothies?  What are you favorite combinations?

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