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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Trim Healthy Mama


As I posted yesterday, I am following a new lifestyle/diet called Trim Healthy Mama.  Their website is currently going under some updating since it's become extremely popular over the last year or two.  Actually, they were JUST on TV the other day finally talking about their plan.  THM is from two sisters who have tried everything diet-wise (Hmmm, who else does that sound like? Oh yeah, me!) and were at the end of sanity trying to figure out a diet that works.  They created Trim Healthy Mama over the course of five years. The book is long - over 600 pages - but half is recipes. Delicious recipes.  However, instead of go into detail about the plan and all the intricacies, I'm going to get you started exactly how I did.

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First, I "liked" them on Facebook. Then, I joined their private Facebook Group/Support page. Warning: Without reading the book first you will be quite confused.  There are four types of meals: S-Satisfying, E-Energizing, FP - Fuel Pull, C-Crossover.  I then bought the e-book and read like ca-ray-zay!

I also stumbled upon these blog posts which go over in detail and are so well-written that there's no need for me to reinvent the wheel.  Gwen's Nest has a great book review of THM and an amazing, amazing, ahhh-may-zing Quick Start Guide.  You can also follow me over on Pinterest for my own personal THM board where I have other interesting and helpful pins I've found to help me on this new journey to my health and wellness goals.

I officially started THM on December 12, 2013 and as of today I'm down 5.6 pounds.  Sayyy whhhat?! It took me two years to lose ten.  As you know, results will vary.  Everyone will lose at their own pace - however, just being around the pages and seeing the testimonials, there are thousands of ladies who are dropping lots of weight.  Some only 15 pounds and some are losing one hundred pounds.  All in the matter of weeks, to months to a year.  But, it's happening on this plan.  It's working for me.  I'm thrilled - hence the reason I've come back to my blog to let you all know about it!  I did participate in the 21 Day Sugar Detox prior to this plan and that did indeed help me with my cravings and alter my taste buds to THM.

So, where does that leave me now weight-wise?  Well, I'm just about 4 pounds away from my weight I was from getting pregnant with baby #2 (who is now four) and 14 pounds away from my true pre-pregnancy weight.  My pants are looser and my clothes I couldn't comfortable wear without feeling self-conscious are looking pretty OK again.

I still can't believe this is happening so easily for me on this plan.  I have to admit, I had huge doubts since, ya' know, I've tried everything before.  Remember?  Now I'm eating eggs, coconut oil, CHOCOLATE, chili, cheesecake, yummy drinks and I can even have red wine when I please.  There are very little restrictions as to what I can't have and there are many ways to tweak recipes to fit this lifestyle.  And if you're unsure about a recipe, guess what?  There are over 27,000+ members on the support page who can help me, guide me, encourage me and celebrate with me...and you, too.  

I should also mention I have known about THM for about a year now and I didn't look too much into it.  I'm KICKING myself in the butt for not having done this sooner!  Just start reading the links.  Read the testimonies and choose for yourself.  You may just become a smaller, healthier version of your self :)

Do you have any questions or want specifics?  Comment or email me - happy to chat about it!

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