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Friday, June 13, 2014

Weight Loss Update - 6 months


It's a rainy miserable day here but I'm feeling all sunshine and rainbows!  Why?

Well, today marks an official 6 months on Trim Healthy Mama and I've got another update for you!

As of today, I'm 156 pounds - just 6 pounds away from my true pre-pregnancy and goal weight of 150! Woohooo! I haven't measured again for inches certainly but plan to shortly.

If you remember, I posted an update in March and while the scale has been slow and steady I'm just thrilled. I continue to feel great, I'm eating delicious food - including dessert - and I've been exercising consistently. Nothing too crazy - I've been incorporating Winsor Pilates into my week as well as one or two spin classes and some walking/running.  I'm on the right track and I plan to stay here.

So what has helped? I did a one week fuel cycle a few months ago which helped me move the scale a bit and decided since I was feeling a bit "stuck" again and my weight was being stubborn I needed a metabolic kick start again. I was bouncing around between 159-160 again and I just couldn't get the scale to move down again.

Today is my second to last day of a a two week fuel cycle and this is how I've come much closer to my goal weight.  You can find the details of the diet here and the fuel cycle chapter is 28 in the book.

That's really why I love this way of eating - it gives you sooooo many options and even tools and tricks to get your metabolism going again.

So just a little visual re-cap....

Here I am from the previous update - December 2013 and March 2014

Here's the same image from March 2014 and the right is this past Tuesday, June 10th - granted the top I'm wearing on the right is a bit loose and flowy so it doesn't look like too much difference to me. 

And here's an oldie on the left I dug up from July 2012 and on the right is just this past week in my exercise clothes.  You can see how wider I look in my midsection and legs from almost two years ago. 

So there you have it!  I'm thrilled that THM has been so successful for me I'm so happy to be on this journey still closer to my health and wellness goals every day!  

And now that I have one preschooler and an almost first grader - it's truly not called toddler weight :)

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