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Monday, May 14, 2012

Weight Watchers - Because it works?

Yes. Yes it really does.

My first week on Weight Watchers was great! I lost three pounds bringing my weight loss to 9 pounds since starting Cinch in April. Not too shabby!

I do owe a lot of credit to the Shaklee Cinch Inch Loss Program with the start of my transformation to a truly healthier me. It helped me learn again what hunger was and how great I can feel when I eat right!

I'm hoping Weight Watchers is the best way to achieve the rest of the weight loss I want to lose. I am also sticking to more of a Vegetarian-based diet also.

I'm now 11 pounds from my goal of where I'd be comfortable with weighing - even though weight now isn't as important as how I look and feel.

I'm making some more changes in addition to diet and exercise - which I plan to post about soon.

Have a great day!

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