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Monday, May 7, 2012

Yikes - been awhile!

Hi there!  My absence is inexcusable - to myself and to all who have been checking in to read.

I've maintained my loss from Cinch and continue to enjoy the snack bars, but I have decided to not continue using the products.  Since they are great quality and wonderful ingredients, unfortunately it is also somewhat expensive.  At this time, I'm not going to continue with the shakes but will recommend it to anyone who asks!  I have some left that I plan to use as a treat now and again.  Yum.

Along with my decision to eat more of a vegetarian-based diet, I've decided to also join Weight Watchers.

I've seen some friends on Facebook who have joined to make a change and have had some huge success with it.  Consumer Reports has rated it the #1 diet in the country and anyone I've chatted with has either used it in the past or knows someone (like me) who raves about it and it has worked for them.  I actually used the old points program back in 2002 and I lost weight, but I think it was because I was extremely active while on the plan and did a ton of walking at an internship I had at a theme park.

So, what the hey - why not try it for myself...again?

I joined the online program this morning - even though I've been counting points for a few days now with the help of a close friend who just joined and let me sneak a peek.

image via weight watchers web site

Today's plan is to track my points using my online account and the Points Plus Program and get back to the gym now that my sprained ankle is healed.

So, as the spokesperson Jennifer Hudson sings and says - It's a new day.
Be back soon to update!

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