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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chicken Salad Gone Fruity


I am excited for Summer weather for quite a few reasons - the glorious sun, beaches, pools, parks and lazy Summer weekends.

I am also excited because naturally as the weather warms, I crave cooler & lighter foods.

So, I'm happy to share this recipe with you I made the other day which I call:

Chicken Salad Gone Fruity

I have no idea where I saw the original recipe, so no credit given but not saying I invented it! :)  Also, I know I've been eating a more vegetarian fare, but I do like some chicken every now and again.  Especially in the form of this recipe!

Before adding mayonnaise - colorful!
Chicken breast (I like to buy those pre-cooked chickens at my local store)
Celery stalks
Red Grapes (can substitute with fresh apples, craisins or pears)
Salt & Pepper to taste

Note:  This recipe is to taste so I left out quantities so you can alter it to your liking!

1.  Take any amount of leftover chicken breast and chop up into small pieces (or you may shred the chicken with a fork depending how you like your chicken salad)
2.  Get a larger mixing bowl and place chicken inside.
3.  Chop up any amount of celery you'd like depending on how much you like celery (or omit if not a fan) and toss in the bowl.
4.  Slice up grapes or your fruit of choice and add to bowl.
5.  Add salt and pepper if you desire
6.  Add mayonnaise to taste - I do not like it too much so I go light!
7.  Mix, mix, mix!

You can eat it with some crackers, over a bed of mixed greens or on your favorite bread - or just plain!

It's so fresh and tasty.
All mixed up and ready to eat.

Any favorite warm weather recipes?  Link up or feel free to comment!

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