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Friday, February 27, 2015

Recipe: BBQ Chicken "Pizza" (THM S)

Ahhhh it's Friday. 

Each week have been trying to do family movie night and we do home made pizzas. I buy or prepare dough for the kids and my husband and I would make speedy thin crust pizza for myself. 

But tonight I missed pizza - like real pizza. With good toppings. 

But then I thought about it and what I really missed was the idea of the convenience of takeout pizza. You order it, pick it up (or have it delivered), eat and boom - done. But then I remebered about how it made me feel after I ate it. 

And then I had an idea and decided to make something else super easy - and faster than takeout. This is something that I find I can do successfully now after being on THM for over a year. I know how good I feel when I eat "on plan" and when I eat foods that aren't I'm miserable. Both in regards to my body, mood and on that's always reflected on the scale. 

And since I did an hour long spin class tonight and have had a pretty good week eating and exercising I didn't want to blow it eating "real" pizza (which isn't a favorite of mine anyways).

So I decided to make a different type of "pizza" that I learned from Trim Healthy Mama that literally takes minutes to make. By using low carb products as a crust and toppings I am able to make a delicious concoction so I truly don't feel like I'm missing out. 

I have no idea what made me think of it but I tonight I wanted BBQ chicken pizza. So that's what I made.

I used Joseph's brand pitas which I cut I half. I microwave it for about a minute to harden it a bit and set it on the foil and get it ready for toppings.

Disclaimer: there's a recipe in the book for bbq sauce which tonight I had none of the ingredients needed so I used a low sugar bbq sauce instead. So next time I make this I will be more prepared but in a pinch this will do. 

I topped the pita halves with some red onion, roasted red peppers and took a few handfuls of rotisserie chicken tossed very lightly with the bbq sauce. I spread a small amount of sauce on the pita halves and added the chopped up toppings.
To finish, I used Mexican blended cheeses and mozzarella. Bake in oven for about 4-5 minutes at 400 degrees.


This was seriously SO good. I added a few handfuls of spinach as a side salad with some balsamic dressing and it was just perfect!


For THM this version would be an S because of the cheese and the dressing I used. If you used less cheese it could be FP- especially if you use Mrs.Criddles Kitchen's recipe for bbq sauce which can be found here:

Hope you all have a great weekend!
Now, off to watch the movie :)


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