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Friday, February 3, 2012

Pinterest Picks - 2/3/12

Happy Friday!

In lieu of the Super Bowl this weekend, I figured I'd make some snack type munchies for the weekend and treat ourselves a bit.

But I'm trying to keep it on the healthy side - veggies and dip, healthier bean/chili dip with whole grain chips, etc.  Going to stay away from the heavy, fried goodies I soooo love - so I digress.

But, if you haven't seen some of the statistics for what the average person consumes in calories at a typical Super Bowl party - it's scary! It can range in the 4,000's!!!

Check out this link with some calorie information from an article from USA today from 2011.


So, here's the Pinterest Pick for today to keep you and me on track as we come upon this weekend:

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