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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ghosts of diets past & Day 4


It's Day 4 of Cinch and I'm still loving it.

In doing this program and just in general, it's made me think back to my past efforts which I shall call:

Ghosts of Diets Past

Unfortunately, blogger doesn't offer any scary looking fonts. 

Since I've been actively dieting for well over a year now and nothing has really been working.

It's truly safe to say that hormonal weight related gain (or loss for that matter) is a completely different beast (oh yes. BEAST) to lose as opposed to me just getting regular fat.  And, by regular fat, I mean being lazy, overeating horrible foods, etc.

Pregnancy-related weight gain seems to be a huge issue for quite a lot of moms out there - look at all the chat boards like Cafe Mom, Baby Center and more who have boards dedicated to weight loss.  There's lots of sites out there geared towards losing the baby weight.  Well, at least everywhere I look anyways.

Just to re-cap for my own purposes here's what I've tried and have been unsuccessful at this past year:

1. Relying on chasing two toddlers and breast feeding to lose weight
2. Going low-carb (a few times) to see if I could drop a few pounds
3. Working out with Jillian Michaels DVDs and going to the gym 3-5 times a week
4. Tracking and closely monitoring every calorie I ate via my iPhone - first on the Lose It! application and then switching to MyFitnessPal (since July 2011)
5. Adding in a daily green smoothies (or at least every other day)
6. Eating more whole foods and less processed foods in general
7. Consciously not eating off of the kids plates, finishing their snacks or eating any of their leftovers
8. Staying away from added sugar unless it came from fruit, veggies or dairy

And, most recently, to add to this list:

9.  I've switched to eating a Vegetarian style diet for the last three weeks.  I guess I would consider it a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet meaning I am eating dairy and egg products.
10.  In conjunction, I have just started the Cinch Inch Loss Plan - four days ago now.

I'm hoping a plant based diet and Cinch is just what I need to finally lose some pounds and inches and finally lose this stubborn baby  toddler weight.

Have a great day and I'm off now to make my Cinch breakfast shake!

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