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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cinch - Day 3

...And going strong!

Yesterday, I had my Cinch shake for breakfast and was a bit hungrier than the previous day for lunch, so I munched on a few grapes and a piece or two of pineapple from the kid's snack at the park.

I had the Peanut butter crunch snack bar, a chocolate peanut butter shake for lunch, one cup of tea before dinner and I had an organic vegetarian burrito with some plain baby carrots.  I drank a ton of water and felt satiated and full.

Overall, I'm still loving this plan and really not feeling deprived.

Personally, I'm both shocked at how good I feel and surprised at my willpower since I'm around food all day.  My two kids eat breakfast and dinner but end up snacking most of the day with a light lunch.  I find they like it better, keeps their hunger mood swings at bay and they get more of a variety of fruits, veggies, grains and proteins that way.

Hey - whatever works, right?

And speaking of working, I feel like Cinch is working for me.

So, here's to day three as I am sitting here drinking my Orange Creamsicle version of my breakfast - which is quite tasty:

Vanilla Cinch Shake Mix
6 oz of orange juice4 oz of skim milk
1 Banana - a larger sized one 
Ice Cubes - about a handful

Have a great day and check in again with another post tomorrow!

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