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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cinch - Day 10


Despite a sprained ankle, I'm still feeling really good!  I haven't weighed myself in two days due to not being able to put full pressure on my ankle to actually stand on the scale.  I will likely weigh in tomorrow or Saturday when I'm hopeful I'll be all healed.

I'm sipping a Cinch shake right now as I type and I have really started to look forward to drinking these meals.  I decided out of chocolate and the vanilla flavor shake mixes that vanilla is my favorite.  Go figure since I am a sucker for anything chocolate.

When I open the shake mix canister each morning, I quickly smell the mix which smells just like cake to me.

It's soooo good.

Just this past Friday I ordered some more Cinch vanilla shake mix and the chocolate snack bars to get me through another two weeks.  It was delivered yesterday - which is really speedy delivery.

I've been really impressed with Shaklee and I'm happy to have discovered them.  I really see this fitting into my lifestyle long term and I don't think I've been able to say that about any diet before.

Have a great day!

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