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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Healthy Tip/Trick

Happy Wednesday!

I wanted to share a quick health tip/trick that I've always tried to do. Since life is busy (more so around the holidays) and errands run long or we find ourselves out and about for longer periods of time - stuck at a sports practice or in traffic. And it's always inevitable that hunger will strike. It does for me anyways! 

So I always keep some things in my bag with me for just those instances. Like today for example I was running errands and got a late start and figured I would be home in time for lunch. 

Wrong! I was shopping when hunger struck while at Kohls. And I mean starving. Of course, there's no real food there except the Godiva chocolate at the register. So it's a good thing I always keep that bag in my bag! I actually re-stocked it this morning!

Currently inside are some Quest bars, one packet of Vanilla and Chocolate Complete mix with a container of unsweetened almond milk, a package of peanut butter crackers for the kids, a package of Annie's bunny gummies, a few packages of Juice Plus gummies, two small mini bags of M&Ms, small serving bags of Brookside dark chocolate pomegranate snacks and a few Brookside dark chocolate bars.

I've been saved by having goodies like these for me and my family on so many occasions I can't even list or count! I'm pretty good about packing our reusable water bottles before we go - I have stainless steel thermos brand ones for the kids and I like my Camelback Eddy bottle.

What are some ways you keep healthy on the go?

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