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Saturday, December 12, 2015

The D14 Day 10

Happy Saturday! 

Ahh the weekend. We have a good balance of a busy Saturday and hopefully a productive and relaxing Sunday.

Today starts day 10 and still loving this truly easy detox. I can't believe I only have four days left! I did fluctuate up and down and a bit up by about a half pound for some reason over the past two days  - lady cycles and water intake are likely to blame - but I'm still feeling slimmer and really great! 

Thursday night I attended a party with a cookie swap and grab bag so I did have a baby glass of wine and a taste of a drink my friend brought but did not eat anything except a few olives! I was really proud of myself and was shocked I was not tempted to graze or eat any appetizers! Or a cookie!! 

Last night we hosted my parents and in-laws for dinner to celebrate Hanukkah. I had a delicious gluten free pasta with an eggplant sauce for dinner and a side salad and made a yummy lasagna for the rest of the family. I did a small taste of the meat sauce while cooking and it was delicious. 

About to make breakfast and I'm thinking I will eat some veggie eggs and save my shake for on the go for later as it gets busy!

Have a great weekend!

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