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Thursday, December 3, 2015

The D14 Day One

Good morning!

Despite having a sinus/headache thing going on for the last week or so I am feeling pretty awesome this morning.

I'm starting a detox/jumpstart program called The D14 which is a 14 day program that helps get the body detoxified, proper digestion going and a general "tune up" of how your body was designed to metabolize food and generally function. 

Before you get skeptical of the word detox - stop! This program is designed not to be harsh or unpleasant and you eat FOOD. Yes, real nourishment for your body to flush the toxins out - which means a less bloated you! 

Since it is a detox, you do need to refrain from eating a few things. But, before I lose you again it's only 14 days.  the program was created by Courtney O'Donnell - she's a mother of five, a personal trainer and a director at the Juice Plus company.  All the details are provided to you when you commit to the program

I'm still following my Trim Healthy Mama principles alongside the D14 - I'm coming up on two years on that lifestyle, too!

So, here I go...if you're interested in the program feel free to email me directly at


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